About Fables

Fables galleries was founded by Jane & Stuart Walker and is Auckland's longest established retailer of hand knotted rugs. We are the only member of the New Zealand Antique Dealers Association specialising in rugs and textiles.

Fables  Galleries  offers a unique blend of antique and decorative rugs and textiles. We source all our stock from a wide range of locations, and make buying trips to select the best examples. Our stock includes antique rugs and textiles, contemporary decorative rugs and carpets, and our own bespoke designs.

All our pieces are hand woven or hand knotted, with an emphasis on quality and authenticity - pieces that have stood, and will continue to stand the test of time.

We are located in Remuera, Auckland.



Fables Galleries Workshop, New Zealand. At loom  L-R: Anthony, Judy, Adam & Wendy


Fables' New Zealand Production - The River Rug, a view through the doorway

Seen on the loom from the main gallery


Modern production carpet, made by Fables - original Tibetan antique fragment to the left


In 1980 Fables started selling carpets at the Historic Highwic House in Newmarket.

in 1987, we opened our first gallery in Remuera, Auckland ( above).


Rug & textiles exhibition at Highwic House


Fables' carpets in Government House, Wellington


Gabbeh Exhibition at Fables - including Pantomime Gabbeh actor