Cleaning and Restoration Services

Your rugs and textiles need special care, especially when it comes to cleaning and restoration. Mistakes in these areas generally prove to be quite major and expensive to rectify - inappropriate restoration and/or cleaning will have a negative impact both on the value and the life of the carpet or textile.

Due to their historical and financial value, antique carpets and textiles require the special professional care that Fables provides.

The services we offer include:

There are many factors that need to be considered, including age, permanence of dyes, the constituent materials used to make the piece in question, fragility/durability and so on.

Fables has the professional and long-term experience to correctly evaluate these factors.

We can advise you on the appropriate restoration for your rug; whether it be be conserving or protecting it from further decline, or more extensive restoration due to damage or wear and tear, or whether or not repairs should be undertaken at all.

Our expert team have worked on rugs and textiles of significant value (both historical and financial), and we have gained international respect for our work.

Many rugs will benefit from a simple and straight forward basic wash in soap and water every few years, and that is enough to revitalise them.

We wash all rugs by hand using mild detergents and water. Dry cleaning is not appropriate for rugs and carpets. We can also deal with spots and stain removal from rugs and carpets.



We are happy to do on-site quotations for restoration and cleaning, so please call us on 09 520 0995 to arrange a time.


Collection and Delivery

We can arrange for larger carpets to be picked up and returned before and after the restoration/cleaning.


Please note that the information here relates to hand knotted or hand woven pieces. But we can also advise on Machine-made or hand-tufted pieces.